Axalta Coating Systems Presents Vibes 2.2020

Date: 26/11/2020

Axalta presented Vibes 2.2020, the second edition of its biannual trend report which showcases the moods, trends and effects that can be achieved with the application of powder coatings on metal substrates for architectural and design projects.

Vibes by Axalta Coating Systems is a biannual trend report, which provides insights, inspiration and storytelling on how colours, textures, effects and qualities of powder coatings work on metal substrates and can contribute in making architecture and design projects stand out more.

Vibes 2.2020, this year's second edition and the tenth one overall of the report, features four new trend themes, each containing 6 colours: intuition, refuge, core and cavernous. The report showcases the application of these 24 colours, which are selected with the aim of setting the moods of the near future, on facades, indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting and other design objects. All these are coated with Axalta's products and represent an actual reference of the application of the company's powder coatings.

The Vibes 2.2020 trend report, which is presented as an out-and-out magazine, features two new mood boards that delve deeper into trending sociological stories and that come with a selection of RAL-based powder coating colours matching the mood.

To meet any design or quality requirements in the architectural field, not only the RAL-based products are available in a matt, semi-gloss, high-gloss or fine textured finish, but Axalta also provides its Alesta® AE or Alesta® SD SuperDurable products.

The magazine also features a "designer vibes" section, which collects the testimonials of architects and designers from all over the world on how they use colours and powder coatings to take their projects, designs and objects to the next level, giving them a personality and special meaning.

Each edition of the vibes trend report comes with a fan deck with sample panels of the colours highlighted in the magazine.

"With every edition of vibes, we are actually practicing colour archeology of the future. And the future of colour in architecture and design is always looking bright and innovating. Eclectic revivals, sociological influences, and the merge of old and young generations bring interesting combinations in terms of colours, effects and finishes. Powder coating is the sustainable versatility the future of metal substrates needs", explains Sally Put, Axalta Colour Expert, creator and editor of the magazine.