Axalta Rebranding Operation: the Launch of the Axalta Mobility Coatings Division

Date: 05/05/2021

With the aim of supporting innovation processes and offering cutting-edge technologies and flexibility to withstand the evolving demands of OEM customers, the Transportation Coatings division has been rebranded Mobility Coatings.

Coating manufacturer Axalta announced the launch of the Mobility Coatings segment following a rebranding of the Transportation Coatings business unit. With this new division, Axalta will support the steadily rising demand for e-mobility and will focus on the evolving coatings needs of established and emerging light and commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), fleet owners, and shared mobility providers.

In today's transport ecosystem, liquid and powder coatings play both a functional role, protecting vehicles against corrosion, and an aesthetic one, if we think of the infinity of colours available for the bodywork. With the evolution of the sector, new needs have arisen: electric vehicles, shared mobility systems and autonomous driving cars require finishes with advanced functions that, in addition to aesthetics and protection, are able to contribute in terms of the efficiency of electric motors and their components, vehicle design, navigation systems and passenger safety.

“The evolution of mobility creates tremendous opportunities for OEMs but requires them to undertake significant shifts in how they design and produce vehicles,” said Hadi Awada, Senior Vice President, Global Mobility Coatings. “By leveraging 150 years of coatings expertise, coupled with our culture of agility and customer centricity, we are in a unique position to help our customers navigate the complex challenges facing the industry and to support their needs now and in the future.”

A new portfolio of solutions: Core Mobility Solutions, Advanced Mobility Solutions and Axalta Advantage

Following this rebranding operation, the Mobility Coatings division has launched three new solution ranges:

  • Core Mobility Solutions includes Axalta's basecoats and clearcoats for colour and beautification along with primers, electrocoats, and powder applications for surface protection.
  • Advanced Mobility Solutions encompasses products and applications for mass customization, two-tone colour, digital paint, coatings with enhanced functionality that improve LiDAR and radar performance and thermal management solutions from Axalta's Industrial Coatings portfolio for electric motors and components.
  • Axalta Advantage offers services and consulting to improve productivity in and outside the paint shop, including application design, process improvement, cost and CO2 modelling, and troubleshooting.

Finally, Axalta Mobility Coatings is also implementing a key account model to respond to customers with greater agility and to support them.