The Biodegradable VpCI®-609 Powder of Cortec® Is Available in a Ready-to-Use Aqueous Version

Date: 30/06/2023
A ferrous corroded pipeline

The premixed aqueous version of the Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor from Cortec® offers rust prevention for ferrous metals and aluminium.

Cortec® Corporation has recently announced the launch of VpCI®-609 W, a premixed aqueous version of its VpCI-609 Powder that eliminates the hassle of fully dissolving the powder and risking to experience powder caking, product contamination and ultimate product failure for end users who ordinarily mix the corrosion inhibition solution of the company with water before application.

As a matter of fact, VpCI-609 W offers rust prevention on ferrous metals and aluminium through Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that protect metals below and above the waterline: when mixed into the water, they form a microscopic hydrophobic protective layer on metal surfaces in direct contact with the treated water. Furthermore, the inhibitors also diffuse throughout the enclosed void space above the water and form a molecular corrosion inhibiting layer on metal surfaces.

As the powder counterpart, also VpCI-609 is biodegradable in marine environments according to OECD 306 Marine Closed Bottle Testing. In addition, it is also easy to apply and typically does not need to be removed – except occasionally with a simple water rinse or flush – so it is suitable for hydrotesting, shot and wet blasting, tank storage, steam condensate lines and closed-circuit heating and cooling systems.