Briolf Group to Open a New Production Site in the United States

Date: 18/06/2024
Categories: Corporate
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Briolf Group's new production site will consolidate its position in the international paint and coatings market.

Briolf Group has recently announced an investment of more than 30 million dollars for a production site based in Monroe (United States), which will cover approximately 130,000 m² in size.

The project is planned in various phases:

  • The initial phase involves the construction of a plant for the local production of Roberlo products, a company operating in the industrial coatings and car refinishing sector;
  • Subsequently, the production capacities and resources will be gradually expanded to produce the products of the aerosol and adhesive divisions locally.

“This is a historic event for us, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The investment was foreseen as one of the most important elements of the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan and highlights the significant weight it will have in the company's future. Having a production centre in the U.S. allows us to directly serve the current important market in the North American region. At the same time, it positions us better to face the many opportunities for growth that the North American market offers us,” has commented Jaume Juher, the president of Briolf Group.

The Briolf Group is a Spanish paints, coatings and adhesives supplier who owns renowned companies such as Roberlo, Montana Colors and Chemfix. It ended the fiscal-year 2023 with a consolidated turnover of 245 million euros – thus marking a 30% growth over the previous year.

“This has been a very long road since the first commercial activities with the U.S. began in the 90's. Years of hard work, difficulties and some mistakes from which we have learned a lot. But as always in the history of Briolf Group, the success of many people has made the journey worthwhile, and we are now facing a unique challenge,” has added Jaume Juher.