Chemistry and Automotive Conference Invites You to Warsaw

Date: 14/05/2021
Categories: Fairs and events

The Chemistry and Automotive conference, taking place 7-8 September 2021 in Warsaw, will provide the opportunity to better understand recent developments within the automotive, railway, tram, chemical and related industries.

The Chemistry and Automotive conference, which is scheduled for 7-8 September 2021 in Warsaw (Poland), will provide attendees with a better understanding of the recent progresses, as well as an opportunity for professional growth and networking.

Many prominent experts have already confirmed their participation and will largely focus on ecological issues and powder systems that could significantly reduce the painting process and its costs. The conference will also host a series of presentations on the paint application process, including paint printing, production automation, possible cost reduction and productivity improvements. A how-to segment will explain the best ways for dealings with problems – such as irregularities on the E-Coat process and adhesive joints – that might arise during the procedures.

Additional topics will include the role of plastics in the development of the automotive industry, as well as their comparison with conventional materials, and the new methods to effectively control their visual properties.