Cortec Presented the CorroLogic Fogging Fluid VpCI-339 for Void Spaces Preservation

Date: 26/02/2024
A void space in a metal structure protected with the CorroLogic Fogging Fluid VpCI-339

The CorroLogic® Fogging Fluid VpCI-339® developed by Cortec® Corporation delivers corrosion inhibiting vapours to enclosures that are difficult to access.

Cortec® Corporation has recently presented the CorroLogic® Fogging Fluid VpCI®-339, a solution specifically developed to deliver corrosion inhibiting vapours to enclosures that are difficult to access, since they diffuse throughout the space and adsorb on metal surfaces, creating a protective molecular layer for successful transportation and deep storage of key assets.

As a matter of fact, voids can be encountered everywhere: in equipment, piping, packages, double wall spaces and other complex internal cavities. If they need short- or long-term preservation against corrosion, such areas cannot typically be protected by applying a coat of protective paint or a rust preventative oil.

The CorroLogic Fogging Fluid VpCI-339 is however very adaptable to a variety of industrial preservation settings: it protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and copper. Moreover, it can be used in many areas that are difficult to protect, such as heat exchangers and piping on new oil and gas modules or at mothballed facilities. In addition, it can also be fogged into boxes, crates and shrouded packages of metal goods ready to be shipped or preserved.