Cortec Explained How to Improve the Performances of VpCI®-395

Date: 20/07/2022
The white handrails of a ship painted with Cortect VpCl-395

The combination of VpCI®-395 with other products developed by Cortec provides improved corrosion protection and greater durability.

The protective coatings manufacturer Cortec Corporation has recently presented the possible combinations of its VpCI®-395 primer with other products developed by the company that will allow to improve corrosion protection and durability for both indoors and outdoors applications.

VpCI-395 is a water-based epoxy 2K anticorrosion coating that is suitable for immersion applications and chemical plants, because it facilitates the clean-up, reduces the exposure of operators to solvents in both the painting and cleaning processes and has lower VOCs (0.2 lbs/gal [24 g/L]).

By mixing the two components together at the jobsites, it also provides greater durability, as it allows crosslinking between the active ingredients in the primer. In addition, VpCI-395 has already demonstrated an excellent performance in salt spray and humidity testing.

When used as a primer, for example inside tanks and on handrails and metal walkways, Cortec’s solution ensures an optimal surface adhesion between the metallic substrate and the topcoats. Indoors, VpCI-395 can also be used as a topcoat and tinted to match the site’s colour scheme. Outdoors, on the other hand, it can be combined with EcoShield® VpCI-386 to create an improved corrosion protection coatings system or with a 2K urethane one-coat system such as VpCI-384 for even greater durability.