Cortec Launches EcoShield Barrier Coating for the Food Packaging Industry

Date: 28/07/2020

Cortec Corporation has launched EcoShield Barrier Coating, a recyclable moisture barrier coating for the food packaging industry.

Cortec® has developed EcoShield® Barrier Coating, an environmentally friendly coating for the food industry and other sectors that need a recyclable moisture barrier in order to replace environmentally problematic materials such as polyethylene or wax coated paper and cardboard.

EcoShield® Barrier Coating is a waterborne barrier coating that is recyclable and 100% repulpable, effectively eliminating the need to use traditional wax and polyethylene coatings. It can be used on kraft and recycled paper, as well as on liners for corrugated boxes, providing a waterproof moisture barrier with oil and grease resistance.

Papers coated with EcoShield® Barrier Coating also ensure other physical properties such as burst, tear, and tensile strength; elongation, folding endurance, coefficient of friction, and smoothness.

It can be applied by most common paper roll coaters, including gravure, flex, air-knife, reverse-roll, etc. Drying temperature is 180-200 °F (82-93 °C), and suggested paper weights are 8-11 lb/ream (3,000 ft2) (13-18 g/m1).

When tested according to ASTM E-96, paper coated with EcoShield® Barrier Coating showed very good water vapour barrier properties compared to a polyethylene coated paper and better than commercial waxed paper.

Water Vapour Transmission Rate

 EcoShield® Barrier Coating for PaperPolycoated PaperWaxed Paper
WVTR[1] (g/hour•m2)0.61-0.690.4-0.716.5-6.9

Furthermore, it is formulated in compliance with FDA Code of Federal Regulations Title 21:

  • §176.170-Components of paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty foods
  • §176.180-Components of paper and paperboard in contact with dry food.

[1]: Tested according to ASTM E-96, 73 °F (23 °C), 50% RH. Example test ranges for EcoShield® Barrier Coated Paper (45# 3msf natural kraft paper, 10# coating), a comparable polyethylene coated paper (40# 3msf paper, 6# PE coating), and commercial waxed paper.

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