Cortec Prevents Corrosion in Generators and Copper Stator Cooling Systems

Date: 11/06/2024
photo of a generator protected by Cortec anti-corrosion technologies

The international producer of corrosion inhibitors and protection technologies Cortec has successfully solved corrosion problems in generators and electric motors, as well as copper stator cooling systems. On its website, it has then published a small guide to help users find the best solution for their requirements.

Generator and Motor Cores

ElectriCorr™ VpCI-239 can slow corrosion that might occur on generator cores by spraying smaller cores when the equipment is powered off. This forms a very thin corrosion-inhibiting film that provides protection against aggressive industrial, marine, and tropical conditions. Additionally, VpCI-308 Pouch can be added to generator housings for further protection of accessible metal surfaces within the enclosure, forming a protective molecular layer that inhibits corrosion on both ferrous and yellow metals. These pouches can be left inside during operation or layup.

Copper Stator Cooling Systems and Generator Oil Systems

VpCI-422 and VpCI-426 can be added to large water-cooled generators to mitigate the risk of corrosion on copper components. When these components are plugged, cooling processes are interrupted. After rust removal, the cooling water tubes must be rinsed and neutralised with the VpCI-41x Series, then rinsed with VpCI-648 treated water. This additive is designed for corrosion protection of ferrous metals and copper at low dosages in deionised or reverse osmosis water. Additionally, M-535 can be added to generator oil systems for corrosion protection during layup. This additive contains Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that protect metal surfaces in direct contact with the treated oil, as well as metal surfaces in the headspace above the fluid level, allowing economical and efficient rust protection at a low dose.

Protecting External Surfaces and Junction Boxes

Cortec uses the water-based removable coating VpCI-391, along with the clear permanent UV-resistant water-based coating EcoShield VpCI-386, to protect backup and portable generators exposed to the elements by applying them to coated or uncoated machine surfaces. Junction boxes on generators and motors can be protected by installing VpCI-101, a self-adhesive foam infused with vapor phase corrosion inhibitors that condition the enclosure with protective vapours.