Dörken’s Expert Held Presentations on Corrosion Testing

Date: 14/10/2021
Categories: Corporate
Feldmann presentation on corrosion protection

Florian Feldmann from Dörken was invited to two industry events to explain the company’s corrosion testing methods.

Florian Feldmann, Product Engineer at Dörken, has participated in two industry events during the month of September, in which he held presentations focused on corrosion testing.

The coating systems provided by Dörken allows to protect both small and large components in a wide variety of situations, so they are required to withstand extreme conditions. That is why all solutions are tested thoroughly, either in the form of short-term tests as in the salt spray chamber or long-term such as outdoor weathering tests.

During the FINO conference, which took place in Kiel (Germany) on 22nd September 2021, Feldmann reported on the outdoor weathering tests conducted on the FINO2 platform, where various coated components have been exposed since 2013 in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The conference also focused on wind conditions and water surface temperature.

The next day, Dörken’s Product Engineer participated in the ZVO Surface Days. In front of 350 visitors, he held a presentation entitled “Evolution of Corrosion Testing”, which will also be published in a future issue of the ZVOreport, the official journal of the ZVO. The event also provided insights into electroplating and surface coating technology.

“It is nice to be able to be physically present at events again. There is no replacement for direct contact with others. I was also able to interact with many colleagues from the sector on issues that are important to us at DÖRKEN,” stated Feldmann.