Dürr Successfully Produced Its 18,000th Painting Robot

Date: 27/05/2024
Categories: Success stories
The 18,000th painting robot produced by Dürr

The EcoRP L033i painting robot from Dürr will be installed in the topcoat line for the electric vehicles of Audi.

The German mechanical and plant engineering company Dürr has recently proudly announced that it has produced its 18,000th painting robot, which will be installed in the topcoat line for the electric vehicles manufactured by Audi in Ingolstadt (Germany).

In 1998, the company supplied its first RP7painting robot to Nissan in Spain. This new specific solution, an EcoRP L033i six-axis robot, will be employed to paint the interior and exterior body parts of the new Audi Q6 e-tron series. It features the latest EcoBell4 atomizer with 4-main needle technology, that ensures rapid colour changes – just four seconds – with minimal paint and rinsing agent losses.

“This application technology enables us to connect our three most frequently used colours directly to the atomizer, significantly reducing paint and rinsing agent consumption. With the latest EcoBell4 atomizer technology from Dürr, we not only save operating costs but we also protect the environment, with fewer emissions of volatile organic compounds,” has stated Sven Veit, the director of the paint shop at AUDI AG.

The new topcoat line includes a total of twenty-eight robots and corresponding application technology, as well as a quality measurement cell to measure paint layer thickness, structure and shade and a cleaning station where two EcoRS Clean F robots use feather rollers to clean the car bodies. For this project, Audi is also using the EcoSupply P special colour supply system with pigging technology.

“We are always prepared to take on a challenging project. After all, painting a large volume of cars to a high-quality standard is what we do every day. New at Audi are the numerous innovations we are implementing for the first time: the EcoBell4 with 4-main needle technology and high transfer efficiency painting technology. This is what makes the project so special,” has also added Lars Friedrich, the head of the Application Technology division of Dürr.