Elementis Launched NALZIN FA 180 to Prevent Flash Rust in Aqueous Paint Systems

Date: 16/11/2023

The new non-water dispersible and insoluble zinc compound NALZIN FA 180 from Elementis provides lasting corrosion protection and a durable finish.

Elementis has recently presented NALZIN® FA 180, a new solution specifically developed to prevent flash rust in aqueous paint systems, which is a common occurrence during the drying process of waterborne coatings on iron-containing substrates. Additionally, it enhances the resistance of the dried film, effectively preventing in-can corrosion during storage.

The new NALZIN FA 180 product exhibits a distinctive composition of organic zinc complex with low nitrite content that offers extended protection against rust and corrosion. Initiated as a water-dispersible solution, the product undergoes a transformative process during film drying, converting into a non-water dispersible and insoluble zinc compound – providing lasting rust protection and a durable finish.

The international provider of specialty chemicals for paint and coatings has designed NALZIN FA 180 for compatibility with a broad spectrum of waterborne coatings systems, so it can be incorporate into several applications, such as water-dilutable alkyds, acrylics, epoxies and dispersion paints.