Gently Remove Soil and Stains with Naturally-Derived EcoAir BioClean Spray

Date: 12/02/2018
Categories: Other news

Cortec® Corporation has developed a gentle but effective cleaner for removing soil and stains from hard surfaces. EcoAir® BioClean Spray has the advantage of being gentle and non-irritating, made from renewable materials and available in recyclable EcoAir® spray cans.

EcoAir® BioClean Spray can be easily sprayed onto soiled surfaces to gently clean dirt, soil, dust, debris, and mold/mildew stains from wood, metal, plastics, and other hard surfaces. After being left to dry for 30 seconds to 10 minutes (depending on the level of contamination), the surface treated with EcoAir® BioClean Spray can be wiped with a clean, damp cloth to remove the debris or stains. No rinsing is required unless desired.

Unlike other cleaners that rely on harsh chemicals, EcoAir® BioClean is very friendly to users and the environment. It is predominantly derived from coco oil and corn syrup—renewable resources and natural components that are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and biodegradable. These biobased components provide wetting, detergency, and self-preserving properties like those found in cosmetics and personal care products such as hand cleaners, shampoos, and even baby wipes. EcoAir® BioClean Spray can also provide a degree of corrosion protection to carbon steel.

In addition to its gentle, naturally derived cleaning components, EcoAir® BioClean Spray is packaged in recyclable, convenient-to-use EcoAir® spray cans. Cortec® EcoAir® cans are powered by compressed air rather than flammable propellants or CFCs. The cans can be sprayed in any direction, even upside down, allowing for easier use when spraying on hard-to-reach soiled surfaces near corners and floors or in tight spaces.

Soiled and stained surfaces in homes, warehouses, or offices are unsightly and leave an environment that encourages contaminants to collect and grow. Rather than using typically available harsh chemicals to clean them away, EcoAir® BioClean Spray is an excellent alternative for removing soil and stains. Simply spray on, allow to dry, and then wipe the surface to promote cleaner, more visually pleasing surroundings while leaving a gentler impact on humans and the environment.