Inkmaker Intelligent Systems: the New Joint Venture Between Longtec and Inkmaker

Date: 24/09/2021
Categories: Corporate

Inkmaker Shanghai announced that it has created a new joint venture in China called Inkmaker Intelligent Systems Ltd. Co. with Longtec.

Inkmaker Shanghai, the Chinese subsidiary of the recently renamed IM GROUP and formerly known as Inkmaker Group, has announced the formation of a new joint venture in China with Longtec (Zhuhai Longtec Corp. Ltd).

The new joint venture named Inkmaker Intelligent Systems Ltd. Co is aimed specifically at the Chinese paint and coatings, inks and chemicals manufacturing industry and will focus on formulations and applications for dispensing, dosing, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), weighing, tinting and filling.

Inkmaker Shanghai Ltd Co was founded in 2004 by Inkmaker Srl (Italy) and Inkmaker Asia Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) and is active in the production of integrated and automated dispensing systems for the aforementioned sectors; while Longtec, which was also founded in 2004, is dedicated to the R&D of embedded intelligent control and process measurement products in instrument devices, Human-Interface devices, Software and Automated Process Equipment in various industrial fields.

“Inkmaker Shanghai will continue, as before, retaining its existing clients directly and agent network in various market segments of China, yet in addition, this JV offers both companies a turbo boost,” explained Lau Kar Seng, GM of Inkmaker Shanghai and board member of IM GROUP, “Our objective, for forming a JV company, was to significantly increase our market reach and presence by getting closer to China-based clients and to offer a combined strength through various approaches: by customising clients’ technical requirements; by innovating products to fit all ranges of ROI; by offering project management support, higher value products and finally our reliable after sales support.”

“Inkmaker, which is essentially the founding member of IM GROUP, is the only European dispensing-system manufacturer to have an assembly plant in China. This alone has gained them significant inroads into the Chinese market, where they are now recognised as a trusted leader, within their industries. Their reputation and quality, backed by their products and renowned software, precedes them, and for us it is an honour to JV with them.” said He Xiao Dong, owner of Longtec, “with Longtec’s involvement - through our network and capacity to provide intelligent factory solutions within our industries - we are perfectly matched to complement each other’s products and services.”

“On behalf of the board, we are very pleased with this new synergy between Longtec and our subsidiary in China, Inkmaker Shanghai. Until now both companies have shared customers in common, being involved at different stages and processes. Now, with the formation of Inkmaker Intelligent System Ltd Co. both will be able to combine their sales force and product resources to penetrate the China market, even further. We, at IM GROUP, are convinced that the biggest winners of this investment will be our clients,” concluded Roberto Guerra, CEO Asia Pacific, IM GROUP.