Interpon Has Launched the Précis Ultra Matt Range

Date: 10/06/2021

AkzoNobel introduces the new coating range Interpon D2015 Précis Ultra Matt that allows for the creation of surfaces with ultra-matte finishes that give a glow of brilliance and luminescence to architectural surfaces.

Available to customers in Europe from May 31, 2021, Interpon Précis Ultra Matt range provides a finer mica effect that allows an ultra-matte surface to change in appearance depending on the way the light reflects on it. In this way, architects will be able to have a finish with excellent aesthetic qualities and super durability.

In addition, Interpon powder coatings are environmentally friendly because:

- they are free of VOCs and solvents;

- produce less waste than other solutions;

- produce minimal overspray;

- are easily recoverable and reusable;

- are not evaporable in the atmosphere.

“All shades within the new range provide an astonishing non-reflective surface never seen before with an Interpon powder coating. Thanks to the metallic travel, light is capable of dancing across the surface while keeping its ultra matt appearance. We have a proven track record of innovating to meet the architectural sector’s ambitions with on-trend colours and finishes and Interpon D2015 Précis Ultra Matt is no exception. We always stay true to our mission of creating the best products on the market from both a durability and sustainability perspective to support the design of Green Buildings”, says Bob Dirks, Global Segment Manager Architectural, AkzoNobel Powder Coatings.

“Once again the Interpon brand is helping its customers to bring their imagination to life: being able to make a building distinct or memorable, or even blending it within its specific setting, is key to achieving architectural beauty. Thanks to our commitment to innovation, we are redefining how powder coatings contribute to the aesthetics of a building with new finishes and textures that enable architects to create truly amazing designs that stand the test of time”, concludes Daniela Vlad, Business Director of AkzoNobel Powder Coatings.