The Issue n. 87 of ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine Is Out Now

Date: 23/05/2024
Categories: ipcm

Read the latest issue of the magazine dedicated to surface treatments and organic and inorganic finishes – Special edition dedicated to architecture and design!

Technology and creativity share much more than we might think. In fact, creativity is the main trait of technology. Creativity is also the main competitive driver of any ecosystem, as its ability to produce ideas and innovations is what enables it to stand out and excel over others. If technology is the realm of machines, creativity is the dominion of the human mind. There can be no technology without human capital that knows how to use, control and master it. There could be no technology without the innovative creativity of those who invented it.

Even in fields where technology apparently does not belong, it actually breaks forth with the power of creative ideas, when new colours are created, new shapes engineered, new materials formulated. And new technologies are invented, along a continuum that is proper to human development. Does it make sense to demonise technology? No, it does not, because it is a product of humans – and as long as it remains a tool for humans. Transition 5.0, a topic introduced in the previous issue of ipcm® and which is also discussed on page 138 of this magazine, finds its meaning precisely in the centrality of human beings in their relationship with machines, suggesting new models of ethics and sustainability, which some far-sighted companies have already been putting into practice for some years.

In this issue which contains a focus on architecture and design but also presents many innovations seen at PaintExpo 2024, the two worlds of creativity and technology meet, converge and intersect, revealing their mutual potential and influences. It is an issue full of colours, shapes and emotions, with lots of content showing the increasingly sophisticated integration of technology into design, up to becoming an integral part of the everyday human experience.

It is an issue proving the critical role of storytelling around a product’s manufacturing process, with a focus on the quality of raw materials and processing phases. This approach emphasises the need for developing optimised and controlled workflows that guarantee high standards of quality, functionality and aesthetics in products. It is an issue that tells the stories of great companies such as La Marzocco – one of the Italian firms of excellence that the world envies us, especially where coffee is most loved and appreciated – and Pintarelli Verniciatureone of the most qualified and certified coating contractors in Italy, active above all in the field of architecture. We will also delve into the trends that emerged during Milan Design Week 2024 and some new technologies in the finishing world that facilitate the work of engineers and designers.

Finally, in the wake of the great success of PaintExpo 2024 – the most international edition ever – we will explore some of the innovations presented there, reaching industrial worlds far removed from design but just as fascinating and capable of paying the utmost care and attention to finishing with a view to sustainability. We will walk through the doors of Next Hydraulics, one of the leaders in the field of hydraulic cranes, Pleion, a supplier of solar energy equipment in Italy, and Painting, a coating contractor that has chosen to invest in sustainability in terms not only of environment but also of its workflow, hand-picking the right technologies to offer a reliable, customised, high-quality service to its selected customers.