Issue n. 6 of Corrosion Protection Magazine Out Now!

Date: 23/04/2024
Categories: ipcm
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Read the latest issue of the magazine dedicated to corrosion prediction, prevention, protection and mitigation!

The energy sector is undergoing a profound transformation: traditional energy sources will continue to grow in the coming years, despite their volatile price environment and the increasing market share gained by renewables. That is demonstrated by the launch of new investment projects worldwide, first of all in the Americas but also in the Middle East and Asia.

According to a report on perspectives and strategic options for the operators of the Oil & Gas industrial valve sector – presented at the Valve Industry Think Tank 2023, an event that is a prelude to the fifth edition of the Industrial Valve Summit to be held in Bergamo (Italy) on 15th and 16th May 2024 – in the two-year period 2023-2024, investments in new Oil & Gas plants are expected to grow by 16% over 2022, when the global situation stabilised after the rebound in 2021 from the significant contraction recorded in 2020.

On the other hand, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is expected to face a general decline in investment. In contrast, global demand for hydrogen is growing: by 2030, announced green hydrogen projects worldwide are expected to reach a capacity of around 450 GW. Europe is going to be at the forefront of this global development in terms of both number of projects (468 compared to 60 in South America, the second in the ranking) and capacity (151 GW compared to 76 GW in North America). Nuclear power is also on the rise: currently, 58 reactors are under construction worldwide.

Uniting all these areas of the energy industry is the sector of industrial valves and flow control solutions, which is currently enjoying excellent development prospects in light of growing investment. Europe – with a focus on Italy, the leading country with a market share of over 30% – is the strongest continent in the production and export of industrial valves.

As strategic safety components of industrial power generation plants, where they ensure efficient and safe flows, these valves must undergo rigorous corrosion protection cycles to withstand exposure to aggressive environments, harsh operating conditions and corrosive agents.

This April issue of the Corrosion Protection magazine includes a focus on innovations, studies and successful application cases of corrosion prevention and protection technologies in the Oil & Gas sector and especially in the industrial valve sector, as this international magazine will once again be a media partner of IVS - Industrial Valve Summit, the most important international event for industrial valve technologies and flow control solutions. Besides valve protection, in this issue we also deal with new technologies for protecting pipelines, which are another critical component for the energy industry, and assessing the impact certain environmental conditions have on them.

Off-topic, there is also a wonderful insight into the “state of health” of the steel making up one of Europe’s symbols, the Eiffel Tower, and the presentation of a revolutionary product for cleaning high-voltage insulators. Finally, we present a new brilliant research study on the origin of corrosion.

Enjoy your reading!