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Date: 25/03/2024
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Read the latest issue of the magazine dedicated to surface treatments and organic and inorganic finishes – Special edition dedicated to PaintExpo trade fair!

The human at the centre. No, we are not about to delve into the humanist anthropocentrism of Petrarch, Boccaccio and Erasmus of Rotterdam, but rather into the new horizon of the manufacturing industry, which is already projected towards overcoming Industry 4.0 and reaching the new production paradigm of Industry 5. 0. This collaborative model focuses on sustainability, on a “human-centred” approach to production, on solving all those critical issues that the previous paradigm left unresolved: respect for the environment, mass customisation and co-creation to meet consumer needs, resilience and adaptability to remain competitive, use of renewable energy and circular economy.

It is a cultural revolution rather than an industrial one, which takes advantage of the most advanced technologies developed by the fourth revolution (robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things) to foster a development model that is more sustainable, more flexible, more resilient, more human. Such a model will have a greater impact on business organisational models than on technological advancements, rationalising and making sense of all the trends originated during the pandemic and post-pandemic periods: work-life balance management, adaptation to adverse situations and changes, the ability to remain competitive by overcoming the moments of weakness and the key role of corporate responsibility and work ethics.

No longer just efficiency optimisation, and cost reduction – this is about a production environment in which:

  1. Machines support humans without replacing them;
  2. Renewable energies fuel technologies geared towards promoting the circular economy;
  3. Individuals can unleash creativity and craftsmanship to offer hyper-personalised goods and services to satisfy increasingly demanding consumers.

The Industry 5.0 theme will be the focus of the next edition of PaintExpo 2024, the most important international exhibition for industrial coating technologies, which will take place from 9th to 12th April at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre in Karlsruhe (Germany). We are going to see how companies from all over the world exhibiting at PaintExpo are adopting and interpreting this model and, above all, how they communicate this new anthropocentric and collaborative vision of industry.

You will also find many insights related to these topics in this edition of ipcm®, of which you have already perceived the significant “weight” and of which you will also appreciate the wealth of content, technological reports, case studies, innovations, research and success stories.

If you have been reading this magazine for some time, you know that ipcm ® does not like to be self-referential and rarely writes about itself on this page. This time, we would like to make an exception. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of eos Mktg&Communication Srl, the publisher of ipcm® and the other magazines of this international brand, we would like to thank all the companies that, year after year, continue to firmly believe in the high-quality, reputable, verified technical press. In a somewhat difficult year for the economy and industry, it is heartening that companies continue to believe in growth and invest in storytelling. We will see you at PaintExpo (Stand 1442, Hall 1), to toast our 15th anniversary together.



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