Out Now Issue n. 82 of ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine

Date: 27/07/2023
Categories: ipcm
Mock-up IPCM 82 - July/August 2023

Read the latest issue of the magazine dedicated to surface treatments and organic and inorganic finishes!

We are living in what sociologists and philosophers define as the information society, a concept familiar and dear to all those who – like me – have studied communication techniques and dynamics. In this society, whose pillars are information technology and telecommunications, an intangible good, namely information, prevails over the industry and the service sector.

As an operator in the communication sector, and a niche one at that, it is therefore natural to wonder what is the role of specialised information in the contemporary world, with information being placed in such a central position and considered a resource and a factor of social and economic development, growth, and cultural richness[1].

Specialised technical information, such as that which ipcm® has been offering for almost fifteen years with its four magazines devoted to surface treatment-related topics in the general, heavy, and automotive industries, is a source of in-depth knowledge, industrial culture, and understanding of innovation.

ipcm®, in particular, provides information that captures the essence of innovations and connects it with industrial reality. Through our reports about the end-users of surface treatment technologies, the conversation truly moves from abstract to concrete.

Our articles portray the market, its needs, and how it is developing, growing, and incorporating new technologies. They assess its efficiency, effectiveness, advantages, and disadvantages with a tone of voice that is as objective as possible. They provide information that breaks away from the clinical cleanliness of scientific or technical articles written by companies’ laboratories. High-quality information that is verified and verifiable, sometimes even uncomfortable because it opens up to disruptive technologies deviating from the past and from what is already known.

First-hand information that is very costly for the publisher, because it involves travel, transfers, hours of work. But also, the type of information most appreciated by readers, who can recognise themselves, their companies, and their needs in it. In a way, even an “insurance policy” against the kind of distinctly advertising-oriented information that many international magazines thrive on.

This vertical approach to information and such an extreme specialisation of content have helped us build a community of readers with whom we can engage in a conversation that from printed magazine crosses over into digital channels, our social media, and our website, which is not a simple platform to publish our issues online but is also aimed at offering daily first-hand news, expanding our magazines’ content, and fostering contact among businesses, between supply and demand.

With the hope that you, our readers, our most valuable resource, will continue to appreciate such content, but also to give us constructive criticism if necessary and even to start technical debates, I wish you a good summer and happy reading of this summer issue of ipcm®.