PPG Launched the World’s First Commercial Retroreflective Powder Coating

Date: 17/06/2022
A bike at night

PPG ENVIROCRON™ LUM enhances visibility and roadway safety in limited-light conditions.

The coating manufacturer PPG has launched PPG ENVIROCRON™ LUM, the first commercial patent-pending retroreflective powder coating specifically engineered to help improve visibility at night and during low-light conditions.

Retroreflective items like pavement markings, road signs and safety vests are usually created using liquid paints, tapes and fabrics. The new product developed by PPG, however, combines the safety-enhancing properties of retroreflection with the benefits of a powder coating.

The surface of the powder embeds retroreflective glass beads that redirect maximum light back to the source, in order to improve how quickly and clearly an object can be spotted ahead. Available in a wide range of colours, the retroreflective powder coating will be applied on the eBikes of Lyft and is also ideal for guardrails, scooters, safety equipment, tools, fences and shopping carts.

PPG Envirocron LUM has excellent chip and abrasion resistance and offers one-coat corrosion protection. In addition, it is cost effective due to high transfer efficiency and reclaimability.

“Whether in on-road or off-road settings with limited light, visibility is essential for safety and productivity. PPG has been at the forefront of retroreflective powder coating technology for several years. Our talented research and development team and our commitment to innovation made it possible to bring PPG Envirocron LUM coating to life and achieve a major advancement in powder technology,” has declared Paul Bradley, the technical manager of the Industrial Coatings division at PPG.