Rösler Has Developed the New Multishape Ceramic Media

Date: 15/09/2021
MultiShaoe ceramic media

Rösler has expanded its range of mass finishing consumables with the new MultiShape ceramic media with a globally unique geometry.

Rösler, a provider of surface finishing solutions, has expanded its range of mass finishing consumables with MultiShape, the new ceramic media with globally unique geometry that is able to adapt to different work pieces.

Usually, ceramic media gets lodged in the work pieces, especially during the treatment of parts with complex shapes and extensive inner channels, preventing excellent finishing results. Rösler has then developed MultiShape, a globally unique shape of ceramic media with rounded areas on all sides.

Rösler MultiShape is ideal for the precise finishing of complex parts with difficult-to-reach surfaces, edges, notches and slits. Even after extended usage, the new media maintains its shape and prevents the risk of lodging. In addition to this, it increases the speed of the media movement in the processing bowl by up to 10% compared to other similar products, while also producing a higher material removal rate on the entire work piece.

The new product has an especially positive effect on the overall cost-efficiency, because it reduces the required processing times, allows using the media for a longer time period and eliminates unwanted costs for rework.

An international patent application for the MultiShape ceramic media has been filed under WO 2020/052797 (PCT/EP2019/000264).