Sherwin-Williams Launches Echelon, a New Hyper Durable Powder Coatings Line

Date: 30/04/2021

Echelon is the new hyper-durable powder coatings series developed by Sherwin-Williams for architectural applications.

Sherwin-Williams launched Echelon®, a new line of hyper durable coatings for metal surfaces used in the building sector, which provides exceptional UV and weathering resistance. The Echelon products, that are part of Syntha Pulvin® powder coatings series - the premier architectural coatings’ portfolio by Sherwin-Williams - deliver excellent long-term aesthetic performances, require minimal maintenance, and allow to clean surfaces very easy.

“The new Echelon product line is designed to meet the AAMA 2605 performance specifications, and it passed successfully the strict Florida exposure tests,” said Christophe De Paepe, Sherwin-Williams Building Products Segment Manager. “The Echelon series provides excellent gloss retention, and resistance to chalking and colour fading.”

Furthermore, Sherwin-Williams integrated its Syntha Puvin colour palette with a new pigments’ series featured by darker black tones to accommodate customers seeking deep, rich black colour. All colours of the Syntha Pulvin powder coatings portfolio are the result of an extensive colour trends research.

For each line of its Syntha Pulvin coating systems, including Echelon, the company makes available to users the colour cards, the product data sheets, and the building information modelling (BIM) materials, in order to show the benefits and unique features of each high-performance solution.

Finally, Sherwin-Williams is currently developing a project to certificate the applicators, i.e. an approved program that ensures coaters meet company requirements and AAMA specifications when applying Syntha Pulvin powder coatings. The Sherwin-Williams Technical Service team works directly with applicators to guarantee the highest performance and the optimum appearance of the finished product.

“We are further cementing our legacy in the building products market,” said De Paepe. “These unique product selection tools and specialized programs help to better serve our customers by providing guidance and support.”