Solvay and CERN Launched STEM Education Programme for High-School Students

Date: 21/09/2022
Categories: Corporate
Logo of the company Solvay with a big light blue word S

The three-year programme of Solvay combines online learning and a residential camp at CERN.

The manufacturer of specialty chemicals solutions Solvay and the European Laboratory for Particle Physics CERN have announced a partnership to create a three-year education programme that aims to involve young students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects and careers.

The programme combines online and onsite learning, allowing high-school students to connect and engage with the field of particle physics and its link to understanding the universe. Operating under the slogan “Discover your inner scientist: there are no limits to what you can explore,” it includes hands-on experiments aimed at demonstrating that science is accessible to anyone, no matter their age or academic experience.

Students will also have the opportunity to explore scientific topics connected to the research and works of CERN in their headquarter located in Geneva (Switzerland).

“At Solvay, we believe that STEM education has a crucial role to play in reinventing progress. It is by encouraging students’ enthusiasm for science and technology today that we can create the great researchers of the future,” has declared Ilham Kadri, the CEO of Solvay. “Through working with a leading science organization like CERN, which shares our passion for STEM education, we aim to inspire the next generation of scientists by giving them knowledge, confidence and hands-on experience in the exciting field of particle physics.”

The project will be included in Science Gateway, a new flagship science education and outreach initiative developed by CERN which is due to start during the summer 2023.

“As a centre of scientific excellence and a cradle of technology and innovation, CERN is a source of inspiration for physicists and aspiring-physicists around the world, no matter their age, gender or culture,” has added Fabiola Gianotti, general director of the CERN. “This partnership with Solvay will encourage young people to pursue careers in STEM, by giving them the chance to engage more deeply with the work we are doing at CERN and enjoy a unique learning experience that could profoundly shape their future careers.”