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10079 Mappano (TO) Italy

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INFRAGAS designs and manufactures gas catalytic infrared panels and high temperature gas IR systems for surface heat treatments.

The company was founded in 1971 and is located in Mappano, in the province of Turin.

INFRAGAS is a supplier of infrared gas systems for complete systems manufacturers (OEMs) at an international level. The Infragas catalytic panels operate with both Natural Gas and Propane (LPG) and are used in various sectors such as the drying of water and solvent based paints, the melting and polymerization of powder paints, the drying of inks on paper and glass, the food sector, the application in the MDF and HDF sector, in the oil & gas sector, in coil coating and in many other heat treatments.

In relation to the needs of the end user, Infragas studies the best solution for the complete system manufacturer by evaluating the application of infrared catalytic panels INFRACAT and BOOSTERCAT, or the installation of the RHT (Radiant High Temperature) pre-mixed air and gas infrared heater.

The Infragas Quality and Production system is ISO 9001 and ATEX certified. The catalytic technology, based on the emission of thermal energy without developing a flame, allows to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres with ATEX and FM Factory Mutual certified panels. The advantages deriving from the application of the catalytic technology are energy savings, reduction of plant space, speed of heat treatment and respect for the environment.

Infragas supports the ovens manufacturers with project validation tests at the Infragas Test Center, start-up/commissioning assistance, maintenance service and technical support all over the world.