Water Energy Srl

Water Energy Srl

Via Morandi 25
40018 S. Pietro In Casale (BO) Italy

Teléfono: +39 051 6630725
Correo electrónico: info@waterenergy.it
Sitio web: http://www.waterenergy.it/

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Water Energy, operating in the industrial waste water treatment sector, was founded in 2006 thanks to the union of different professionals and expertise, primarily the chemical and mechanical ones, related to the design and construction of treatment plants. It offers innovative and technologically consolidated solutions.

Main activities: design, production of waste water treatment systems for industrial recirculation; study and development of customized systems; assistance and maintenance.

Company mission: to provide the market with tools and technologies for optimizing and reducing the consumption of water resources and improving the environmental impact, while reducing costs related to water management.