AkzoNobel Launches Interpon D Anodic Collection in North America

Date: 02/10/2023
The new Interpon D Anodic powder coating of Interpon applied on a building

The Interpon D Anodic collection will enable architects and designers to achieve anodised aluminium finishes with minimal environmental impact and superior performances.

The paint manufacturer AkzoNobel has launched the new range of Interpon D Anodic powder coatings in North America, helping  architects and designers imagine designs that have the look of anodised aluminium but with minimal environmental impact and superior performances.

The collection includes 12 matte and metallic-effect finishes, offering more choice and flexibility than traditional anodising. Importantly, the powder coating process does not require metal to be immersed in an acid bath, avoiding the need to dispose of hazardous waste and supporting a significantly more sustainable process. Surfaces are also much easier to repair should the coating be chipped or damaged during fabrication or installation.

This collection is not simply an alternative to anodised aluminium for windows and facades. Switching to an Interpon D2525 (AAMA 2604) or D3000 (AAMA 2605) Anodic III finish helps provide superior levels of colour and gloss retention and better colour consistency. Colours range from shiny blacks to soft silvers, steely blues to earthy bronzes, enabling architects and designers to match every mood and style and imagine designs that were not previously possible.

Interpon D Anodic is weather resistant and is backed by a 20-year warranty for AAMA 2604 and a 30-year warranty for AAMA 2605 on coating performance when applied by an Interpon D approved applicator. Additionally, Anodic III powder coatings are free from VOCs and are supported by Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to demonstrate that both D2525 and D3000 have been independently validated for their sustainability credentials.

“The Interpon D Anodic III collection has been innovated to give architects and designers all the upsides of anodized aluminium, but with none of the disadvantages, to leave a lasting legacy of which they can be proud. It is further proof of our commitment that your imagination starts with our finish, and the perfect alternative for those who want the effect of beautiful metals without it having to cost the earth”, has stated Alan Alex, the regional commercial director for AkzoNobel Powder Coatings in North America.