Cortec’s Biobased Rust Preventative VpCI-277 Preserves Metals During Storage and Transport

Date: 10/11/2021
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The new rust preventative launched by Cortec saves time and reduces the use of additional materials.

Cortec has announced that it has recently developed the new ready to use rust preventative VpCI®-277. Specifically designed to preserve metals during storage and transportation, the product combines film-forming additives with Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors in order to provide multi-metal corrosion protection. It can provide corrosion protection for up to two years of indoor storage or during shipments when combined with VpCI packaging materials, leaving a dry and non-tacky film on the metal surface.

Cortec’s new solution contains a biobased corrosion inhibitor in a non-flammable and low VOC solvent carrier, so it can assist for example automotive manufacturers that need rust preventatives with drier films and low VOCs to meet their solvent-based specifications. The rust preventative VpCI-277 is also suitable for robotic assembly of precision components which require tight tolerances, helping to maintain a clean preservation process through the absence of oily residue. Moreover, it does not contain chlorinated compounds, chromates or nitrites.

It can be applied by spray or dip and left on metal parts during further processing or shipment, not requiring removal. Usually, rust preventatives need to be applied and removed several times because the metals risk flash corrosion when sitting in temporary storage. Furthermore, the parts have to be washed before entering the next phase of the manufacturing process. VpCI-277 allows to streamline processes by eliminating steps, improving tact time and reducing the use of additional materials and cost.

VpCI®-277 conforms to ASTM D1748 (Humidity), ASTM D1735 (Water Fog), MIL-C-83993 (Water Displacement), and NACE RP0487-2000 (Selection of Rust Preventives) standard test methods.