Cortec Successfully Solved a Corrosion Problem for an Equipment Manufacturer

Date: 07/02/2024
photo of cooling systems of the equipment manufacturer

The water-based corrosion inhibitor VpCI®-379 from Cortec® Corporation solved a widespread corrosion problem in a train's engine cooling system.

An equipment manufacturer has recently encountered a corrosion problem caused by the test water flowing through its new locomotive engine cooling systems. As a result, it was necessary to protect such systems from corrosion during outdoor storage between different stages of the manufacturing process as well as during shipping. In addition, the company needed to prevent residual water within the system from freezing.

Another division of the same company had previously used Cortec's VpCI®-379, successfully solving the corrosion problem in its large engine water cooling systems. Based on this result, the first division of the equipment manufacturer began using the same product developed by Cortec, namely a solution composed of 20% VpCI-379, 20% glycol (to prevent freezing) and 60% of water. The solution was initially circulated through the cooling systems, then captured and finally tested to ensure the correct concentration and reused.

Cortec, thanks to its VpCI-379, effectively determined the corrosion problem encountered by the company - thus demonstrating it can use a water-based rust preventative for freezing outdoor temperatures.