ECKART Launches New Additive SynAdd

Date: 28/04/2022

ECKART has launched SynAdd, a new additive which optimises the technical properties of coatings and plastics.

ECKART announced the launch of SynAdd, a new easy to process, highly transparent and colour-pure additive for coatings and plastics.

The powder, which is suitable for use in aqueous and solvent-based systems, ensures improved technical properties, such as weather and moisture resistance. For instance, in lacquers and plastics the synthetic additive minimises tiny cracks on the surface, while anti-stick coatings become scratch-resistant as a result. Thanks to improved surface texture, the haptics of the products also benefit.

SynAdd can also be used to achieve certain optical effects, such as matting and milky glass effects in plastics and lacquers.