Lechler Presents its new Color Design® "The Way of Ethic Colors" Project at Milan Design Week 2024

Date: 16/04/2024

During Fuorisalone 2024, the event that takes place every year in conjunction with the Milan Design Week, Lechler presents "The Way of Ethic Colors", a new project that proposes four collections that explore the ethical dimension of colour and create new chromatic and material landscapes for the interiors of our homes.

The "The Way of Ethic Colors" project presented by Lechler - a leading Italian company in the production of industrial paints - during Fuorisalone 2024 reflects an important trend in the contemporary real estate market: that of sustainability and social responsibility. This new direction in real estate places a greater emphasis on the recovery of existing heritage and urban regeneration rather than demolition and new construction.

"The Way of Ethic Colors" is born out of the awareness that colour is not just an aesthetic element but also a tool capable of influencing behaviors, promoting sustainability, and conveying ethical values. We could talk about "dematurity" applied to the habitat sector: a process that sees the preservation and renewal of living spaces through the use of innovative and sustainable colour schemes.

The palettes of the "The Way of Ethic Colors" collection

The new collection is structured into four themes: Involvement, Equilibrium, Awareness, and Change, each of which interprets different approaches to colour design, always under the sign of sustainability. It guides people in their journey of mindset change, going from neutral and polymaterial schemes, designed to last over time, to polychromatic and high-contrast solutions, intended to be easily updated or modified.

  • Involvement is inspired by emotional intensity, with colours ranging from blues to cold greys combined with warm and deep reds, ideal for creating spaces characterized by temporary chromatic and emotional focus.
  • Equilibrium finds its essence in harmony with nature, offering a palette of complementary colours, tonal greens and pinks, with matte and pearl finishes, which are perfect for spaces in dialogue with the outdoor environment.
  • Awareness reflects consciousness and durability, with neutral tones and iconic materials that integrate into urban and historical contexts, maintaining a long-lasting visual connection with the existing environment.
  • Change expresses transformability through vivid and saturated colours, designed to energize spaces and facilitate their adaptation to new needs or desires.

With this project, Lechler reaffirms its commitment to a future where beauty, innovation, and sustainability meet to create environments that inspire and enhance individual and collective well-being.