Hydro Italia srl

Hydro Italia srl

Via Torricelli, 79 - Z.I. Fossatone
40059 Medicina (BO) Italy

Telefon: +39 051856263
E-Mail-Adresse: info@hydroitalia.com
Website: https://www.hydroitalia.com/

Über uns

HYDRO ITALIA with 30 years of professional experience, is present on the international market for the design, production and installation of wastewater treatment systems and purification systems, as well as in the production of innovative chemical products.

From the very beginning, by the precise choice of the founding members, the business has developed with a goal: to limit the consumption of water and pollutants. Philosophy initially appreciated by few operators in the sector but which over the years has established itself to such an extent that today it is the centrality of requests.

The high professionalism of our employees combined with their interest in protecting the environment, has made it possible to place the company at the top in the process water treatment and recirculation sector.

As the size of the company grows, customers have increased interest in "global" problems in the water treatment sector, thus directing the company towards a more complete water policy.

So far, HYDRO ITALIA, following an uninterrupted development, boasts an internal staff able to guarantee, previously with the supplying of “turnkey” systems, a complete running of the after sales assistance placing at the customer’s disposal chemical department, equipped vehicles, and qualified personnel able to guarantee a prompt intervention.

HYDRO ITALIA systems line: flotation units for sludge removal from paint booths (HYDROFLOTY series), resins demineralization systems, remediation of contaminated sites, biological systems for water purification, batch water treatment (PT series), physical-chemical systems, filtration and adsorption, reverse osmosis (RO series) – membranes industrial systems, industrial evaporators, oil separators, desanders, pyrochar, biogas-biomass plants, desalinators and other systems.

HYDRO ITALIA product line: flocculants (HYDROFLOC range), coagulants (HYD range), bactericides (BIODEBACKTER range), defoamers (HYDROELEN range), polyelectrolytes (HYDROFLOC T and MAGNAFLOC range) and others.