Wanhua Opened a New R&D Centre in Barcelona

Date: 30/04/2024
Kategorien: Corporate
A photo with the representatives of Wanhua during opening of new centre in Barcelona

The establishment of the new R&D centre will enable Wanhua to create a new customer base in the European coatings market.

Wanhua Chemical has recently announced that it has opened a new R&D Centre in Barcelona (Spain), with the aim of meeting customers' needs by offering technical advice on product performance, application methods and raw materials selection.

As a matter of fact, the newly-launched centre will focus on fine chemicals and materials, such as coatings and adhesives, as well as on research and development on renewable energy, carbon capture and recycling, biosynthesis and bio-based materials.

“At Wanhua Chemical, we've always prioritised technological innovation as our core competency. The opening of Barcelona R&D centre symbolises our ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality products and meeting customer needs. We aspire to engage with the industry in a spirit of openness, collaborating to drive innovation and lead the way in sustainable development,” has commented Hua, Executive Vice-President of Wanhua Chemical.

Moreover, the Barcelona-based centre highlights the current research and development directions, including studies on green chemistry technology, renewable energy, circular economy and waste utilisation, as well as sustainable product development. In addition, it will assist the company in providing technical support and services to downstream customers in the fine chemicals and materials sector and will collaborate with research institutes.