BASF Released the 2022-2023 Automotive Color Trends Collection

Date: 14/09/2022
Categories: Sector trends
The shades of the 2022-2023 Automotive Color Trends collection of BASF

NEW ARRAY is this year’s colour collection by BASF, focused on sustainability and functionality.

BASF designers have released NEW ARRAY, the 2022-2023 Automotive Color Trends. Named after the thoughtful process of ordering values and responding to new needs, the collection is the result of BASF’s Coating Division studies and research that will be used to develop paints and coatings for industry, fashion and consumer products.

The colours specifically designed for the EMEA automotive market reach high chromaticity with spectacular new pigments, enabling beautiful and intense new shades, while neutral colour shades play with a virtual look by adding subtle colour information – with special effects supporting the idea and visual impression.

“Overall, identity is shown not only through uniqueness, but also in the ability to subtly extend the already unique character of diverse color positions or effects,” has stated Mark Gutjahr, head of Automotive Color Design for EMEA market.

Colours for the Asia Pacific region require instead comfort, happiness, spice and solutions reflecting human individuality in order to help people to live gently and vividly with their own narratives.

“AP’s colors shape a positive and realistic future. They draw your own story allowing you to align with your colorful identity away from the social pressures,” has commented Chiharu Matsuhara, head of automotive design for the Asia- Pacific market.

Finally, future automotive colour designs for Americas reflect a radically different aesthetic without losing touch with sophisticated appearance and compelling effects. The focus will be placed on depth, texture and compatibility. Expressions of natural and simplified options beckon both individuals and communities to embrace liminal spaces.

“Dealing with a plethora of emotions and conditions associated with both individual and communal identities, one may find solace and acceptance beyond the typical confines of tangible life. Moving through the liminal uncertainty may ultimately provide grounding and opportunities to see into the future,” has concluded Liz Hoffman, the head of automotive design for the Americas region.