Bodo Möller Chemie and CABB Will Cooperate to Offer Epoxy and Polyimide Formulations

Date: 14/11/2023
Categories: Corporate
logo of bodo moller chemie and CABB

The new partnership with CABB will allow Bodo Möller Chemie to expand its CASE portfolio in Europe.

Bodo Möller Chemie will collaborate with the dianhydride manufacturer CABB to expand its portfolio of coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomer in Europe. The dianhydrides such as BTDA – 3,3′,4,4′-Benzophenone tetracarboxylic dianhydride – are used as hardeners for epoxy resins as well as comonomers for polyimides to produce polymers with exceptional thermo-mechanical and electrical insulation properties.

“CABB is the only international manufacturer producing this molecule on an industrial scale: their special dianhydrides are used in products such as adhesives, coatings, composites, casting materials and dielectric films for electronic applications. Bodo Möller Chemie is thus also the only sales channel for the molecule in Europe,” has stated Volker Oehl, the director of the business development of Bodo Möller Chemie.

“As a result of the partnership with Bodo Möller Chemie, our clients in Europe will benefit from extensive know-how and insightful technical consultations,” has added Christian Schul, Head of Sales for Specialty and Performance Chemicals at CABB.