Brenntag Signs a New Distribution Agreement with Elementis

Date: 16/11/2023
Categories: Corporate

Brenntag Specialties has signed a distribution agreement with Elementis for coatings and construction products in Ecuador and Mexico.

Brenntag, a company active in chemical and ingredient distribution on a global scale, has recently inked a significant distribution agreement with Elementis, a move that amplifies their strategic partnership. This new collaboration is specifically tailored for the Coatings and Construction markets in Mexico and Ecuador, marking a pivotal expansion of their existing successful alliance in other regions of the Americas.

Effective immediately, Brenntag Specialties will serve as a key distributor for Elementis, facilitating the distribution of a diverse range of applications within the Coatings and Construction sectors in Mexico and Ecuador. The product lines are used in applications for industrial and architectural coatings, sealants, adhesives, inks, and construction products. They include rheology modifiers, slip and leveling additives, defoamers and wetting and dispersing additives.

Products falling under these trade names provide unique benefits to the industries that use them:

  • Bentone®, Bengel®, Benathix®, Benaqua®, Baragel®: Bentonite and Hectorite Organoclays
  • Dapro®: Defoamers
  • Nuosperse®: Wetting and Dispersing Agents and Humectants
  • M-P-A®: Anti Settling Agents
  • Thixatrol®, Thixcin®: Organic Thixotropes
  • Rheolate®: Associative Thickeners
  • SlipAyd®: Slip and Leveling Additives
  • Dumacil®: Hydrophobic Silic
  • Nalzin®: Anti-corrosive Additive

“We are honored to be appointed as the go-to-partner for Elementis’ leading portfolio of Innovative Solutions and Additives to the CASE and Construction industries. Our team is excited to solve demanding technical challenges, providing formulation and value chain alternatives to combine the best technologies and unique expertise of Elementis with Brenntag’s complete portfolio to meet our customers’ expectations in Mexico and Ecuador”, says Diego Pierotty, Sr. Director Material Science of Brenntag in Latin America.

“Elementis is very excited about our newly established partnership with Brenntag Mexico and Brenntag Ecuador; the future is bright. With market leading Sales and Supply Chain teams, we are confident our customers will receive best in class sales and technical support underpinned by efficient and reliable supply for many years to come" affirms Troy Russell, Director of Coatings in the Americas, Elementis Specialties.