BYK Launches a Post-add Surface Additive for the Matting of Powder Coatings

Date: 07/09/2021

BYK has launched BYK-3938 P, a highly innovative, post-add additive for matting powder coatings – label-free.

BYK has launched a highly innovative new post-add additive for matting powder coatings that does not require any labels.

Unlike liquid coatings, the matting of powder coatings poses a major challenge for the coating industry as only minimal shrinkage occurs during the baking process which does not make conventional matting with powder coatings possible. To obtain a matt finish, gloss can be reduced by mixing various incompatible binders or by exploiting the incompatibility of binders and special hardeners. However, some hardeners are subject to labelling. This ultimately results in the labelling of powder coatings.

BYK-3938 P, the new product launched by BYK, solves this problem by not requiring labels for the matting of powder coatings. BYK-3938 P is available in powder form and can be easily added to the finished powder coating.

The amount of additive to add depends on the final result desired: it allows to cover a wide range of applications, from a few units of gloss for adjustment during quality control up to very opaque surfaces for decorative applications.