BYK Launches Two New Wetting and Dispersing Additives

Date: 06/08/2021

BYK has launched DISPERBYK-2018 and DISPERBYK-2019, two new wetting and dispersing additives that ensure maximum performance and pigment stability.

BYK, a global supplier of specialty chemicals, has developed two new wetting and dispersing additives: DISPERBYK-2018 and DISPERBYK-2019. The two latest additions to BYK’s additives range have been developed to ensure maximum performance, in respect of high viscosity reduction with simultaneous Newtonian flow behaviour, pigment stability and excellent optical properties.

DISPERBYK-2018 and DISPERBYK-2019, which have a product shelf-life duration of 36 and 24 months respectively, can be used in several aqueous applications as adhesive, inkjet inks and printing inks, as well as architectural, general industrial, protective, automotive, floor, wood and furniture coatings.

Both additives guarantee deflocculation of the pigments through electrosteric stabilisation and are VOC- and biocide-free.