Cortec Has Opened the First VCI Solar-Powered Plant in Europe

Date: 22/11/2023
the new solar panel plant in Europe of Cortec

The new European plant of Cortec, powered by solar panels, will allow the company to produce more eco-friendly solutions.

The anti-corrosion technology manufacturer EcoCortec®, part of Cortec® Corporation, has recently announced the opening of the first solar-powered bioplastics plant in Europe – thus delivering significant energy savings and helping to reduce the environmental impact of carbon emissions.

“EcoCortec’s dedication to use sustainable technologies has been our mission since our beginnings. As pioneers in producing green corrosion protection inhibitors, all of us at Cortec® take environmental responsibility very seriously, in fact, it is one of our main values. We use sustainable resources in our product development and operations wherever possible. This transition to solar power and our own energy resources is the latest step in implementing full circular economy model in our operations,” has stated Boris Miksic, CEO of Cortec® Corporation.

The goal of Cortec is to provide a circular economy model. For this purpose, the company has also installed an Erema regranulation machine to reprocess scrap and plastic waste on site, allowing customers to send their used plastic bags back to Croatia to be recycled into new materials.

EcoCortec® reprocesses plastic waste from four main sources:

  • Scrap from in-house production;
  • Used packaging from incoming shipments at EcoCortec®;
  • Used packaging from incoming shipments at local companies;
  • Used VpCI® Films and Bags from EcoCortec®’s distributors and end users who can earn reprocessing credits by sending the materials back for regranulation.