Cortec Launched Closed Loop Toad™ to Protect Closed Loop Systems

Date: 21/09/2022
A metal closed loop water system

The VpCI® powders of Cortec packaged in a water-soluble bag prevent corrosion in small closed-loop systems.

Corrosion in closed-loop systems can have both short- and long-term repercussions, as new rust can clog the system at the beginning while gradually increasing corrosion over the years can lead to leakage, repairs and shorter service life. Cortec Corporation has then developed Closed Loop Toad™, a special blend of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting (VpCI®) powders packaged in a polyvinyl-alcohol water soluble bag.

The new corrosion inhibiting water treatment for small closed-loop systems in layup, intermittent operation or full service prevents corrosion of metals in three phases: below the surface of the water, above the surface of the water and at the air water interface.

When added to a closed-loop system filled with water, Closed Loop Toad dissolves and circulates throughout the system. The VpCI molecules are absorbed by all metal surfaces – reaching also recessed areas and interior cavities –forming a strong protective layer.

Closed Loop Toad also contains a blend of organic-based scale inhibitors to prevent scale, is amines and nitrite-free and ensures safe and easy hands-off applications.