Cortec Presented the Water-Based MCI® Peel-Off Coating

Date: 21/03/2023
Windows in a construction site coated with Cortec's MCI Peel-Off Coating

The coating of Cortec provides temporary masking and protection for non-porous surfaces against physical abrasion, weathering and corrosion.

Cortec Corporation has recently presented MCI® Peel-Off Coating, a newly developed acrylic water-based solution that offers temporary protection for non-porous surfaces such as windows, doors, light fixtures, ceilings, doorknobs and frames against physical abrasion, weathering and corrosion.

Windows and doors often go into place before the construction work is finished, leaving them vulnerable to drips or splatters from paints or putties or nicks and scratches from tools and equipment being jostled around the construction site. MCI Peel-Off Coating allows then to protect them from the time they are installed until the rest of the job is completed.

The coating, that emits low Volatile Organic Compounds (0.2 lbs/gal [24 g/L]), can be applied by spray, roll or dip. When no longer needed, it can be peeled off the surface and disposed as solid waste. It also offers UV resistance for outdoor applications, in addition to temporary protection from salt and chemical induced corrosion. Moreover, it can be tinted to several basic colours to blend in with or stand out from the surrounding environment and will not be softened or penetrated by most solvent-based paints.