Delta Tecnic’s Solutions to Improve the Processing and Homogenisation of the Colour of Profiles

Date: 16/06/2021

Delta Tecnic offers solutions for processing and homogenisation, meeting market demands, also in terms of sustainability.

Delta Tecnic, a Masterbatch producer, develops colour concentrates that improve the processing and, consequently, the final results of the window profiles industry, offering and adapting colour concentrates to the different production processes required by the customers.

To meet the sector’s needs, such as the coexistence between modern technology and older machinery that could cause clients to have different requirements at each plant, Delta Tecnic offers formulations that can be adapted to the processing of the various extruders, thanks to its wide range of Masterbatches designed with high-quality pigments, additives and custom formulations.

The products developed by Delta Tecnic can obtain fast dilution and colour homogeneity to guarantee a clean result. The formula has been optimised and the pellets are both of a standard size, Micropellets, and of reduced size, Small Micropellets. Delta Tecnic offers also customised solutions to its clients, as it accompanies them throughout the development process by carrying out checks and monitoring the results.

In addition, since window and door profiles are especially subjected to extreme stress and exposed to various weather conditions, Delta Tecnic generates profiles that can resist to sunlight and, more generally, to all meteorological stresses. Moreover, the headquarters of the company in Sant Celoni (Barcelona, Spain) can carry out specific tests in order to accelerate the behaviour of the profiles and establish comparisons or know their life cycle.

New trends and sustainability

The industry of profiles for doors and windows is experiencing new trends regarding colours, finishes and technologies; there is also an increasing demand for more sophisticated design. Delta Tecnic is quickly responding to these new needs by creating new colours and supporting the dilution of masters in PVC. Furthermore, the company is also offering tailor-made solutions for special pigments as metallic effect, conductive compounds or the “cold pigments”, which prevent overheating.

All Delta Tecnic’s solutions are conceived to work with recycled materials and the company has also developed “White Toners”, a line of products that allows to easily unify the various tones and support the homogeneous appearance of the whole profile, while protecting the environment.