Eurosyn Partners with hubergroup Chemicals for the Italian Market

Date: 08/07/2024
Categories: Corporate
The executives from Eurosyn and hubergroup Chemicals

Eurosyn will distribute the raw materials for paints and coatings of hubergroup Chemicals in Italy.

Eurosyn has recently announced that it has signed a new partnership with hubergroup Chemicals, in order to strengthen its offering of raw materials for paints, coatings and inks in the Italian market. The agreement between the two companies underscores a shared commitment to excellence and customer-centricity, since they will both continue to innovate and evolve, providing a seamless experience for the clients and allowing access to cutting-edge solutions.

As a matter of fact, Eurosyn is specialised in the distribution of specialty chemicals for the Italian market, while hubergroup Chemicals is a division of the international chemical and ink specialist hubergroup – focused on the production of raw materials for paints, industrial coatings and printing inks as well as adhesives for flexible food packaging.

“We are excited to partner with hubergroup Chemicals. Their extensive experience and commitment to innovation align perfectly with the values of Eurosyn. This partnership strengthens our ability to provide customers with a comprehensive range of high-quality raw materials for printing inks and coatings,” has stated Enrico Campana, the CEO of Eurosyn. “The dedication of Hubergroup to product safety matches with our values as a traditional family company: both organisations prioritise building a culture of curiosity, creativity, and service orientation while promoting sustainable practices for the benefit of society.”

hubergroup Chemicals operates two production plants in India, in which it manufactures UV-curable oligomers, polyurethane resins and modified rosin resins. In addition, the research centres of the company continuously develop and identify cutting-edge solutions to meet market demands. On the other hand, Eurosyn offers also technical support through an in-house laboratory at its facility in Capralba (Italy), together with legislative support and logistics reach.

“Eurosyn is the ideal partner for us to bring our resins, colorants, and additives to the Italian market. Their long-standing presence in the market, coupled with technical expertise, allows us to jointly offer an attractive package to our customers. We recently conducted a joint workshop with the Eurosyn team, where we discussed and clarified all questions regarding our product portfolio. This collaboration ensures we are well-prepared for a successful market launch,” have added Angela Stark and Eike Weckel from hubergroup Chemicals.