Evonik Launches COATINO Campus, a New Knowledge Platform

Date: 28/05/2021

The coatings and printing inks industry can now rely on COATING Campus, a new knowledge platform launched by Evonik to provide information about additives and formulations.

With COATINO® Campus, Evonik is sharing its extensive know-how about paints and coatings with the entire coatings and printing inks industry, offering newcomers and experts alike comprehensive information about additives and formulations. The new free knowledge platform includes extensive interactive eLearnings on effect groups such as defoamers or matting agents, live events, expert lectures, lab videos, and much more.

Users can register for different content depending on their level of knowledge and area of interest, and determine the time and speed at which they want to complete the training courses. Upon successful completion of an eLearning course, users will receive certificates with which they can document the completion of the course.

"With COATINO Campus, we are further expanding our service offering under the umbrella of COATINO, the dynamic formulation network," says Gaetano Blanda, head of the business line. "Together with our customers and partners, we are on an exciting journey of discovery with the products of the COATINO family: We are continuously developing new products and services to better support customers in the coatings and printing inks industry in formulating their products."

In addition to classic eLearning content, the platform also offers a combination of online and offline content, as well as background information on coating technologies and information material on every new Coating Additives product.

"COATINO Campus does not, of course, replace support from our coatings experts," explains project manager Susanne Struck. "Rather, the platform enables our customers to educate themselves at any time and additionally seek personal contact with us. Regardless of which phase of formulation development our customers are in, we always offer the right assistance: from additive selection to optimal formulation composition to application technology support”.

In addition to the new knowledge platform, the COATINO formulation network already includes an AI-supported product recommendation, voice control and a formulation assistant. Additional services are under development.

The knowledge platform is aimed not only at companies in the paints and coatings industry, but also at students and trainees who want to further their education on their own initiative.