FITMA Will Take Place 18-20 January 2022 in Mexico City

Date: 30/11/2021
Categories: Fairs and events
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A panel session at Meximold anticipated some key trends and opportunities that will be further debated at FITMA, the trade fair dedicated to the manufacturing industry in Latin America.

During Meximold, the industry event dedicated to the mould and die industry that took place on 22nd October 2021, it was also held the panel session of FITMA in which experts from the manufacturing industry discussed relevant issues within the sector and provided details about the first edition of FITMA (the International Expo of Technology and Manufacturing for Latin America), that is scheduled for January 18-20 2022 at the Centro Citibanamex in Mexico City.

FITMA is a biennial trade fair showcasing the activities and investments of the industrial metalworking market at an international level, focusing on technology and manufacturing for Latin America. Organised by Gardner Business Media, it allows manufacturers, OEMs and machinery, equipment and services suppliers of the metalworking sector to connect and exchange expertise and business opportunities.

“Despite being a model for the industrial economy, Mexico lacked an international event that could bring together all the right players to share experiences and knowledge. I would like to congratulate FITMA, because for Latin American industrialists looking for new business opportunities, being able to gather and network with manufacturers in a place where everyone speaks the same language is a fantastic experience,” stated Carlos Mortera, International Director for Latin America at the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT).

“Mexico is one of the main exporters of auto parts, so FITMA will be a great opportunity to attract decision-makers. The manufacturing plants in Mexico are now so large that purchasing decisions are now being made in Mexico: customers want to see the equipment in person. Having the opportunity to visit with specialists in the field to showcase their equipment, answer technical and maintenance questions, and provide customer service, is very productive. The pandemic forced us to look for new ways to connect with our customers, but in-person interaction is especially important,” declared Maria Luisa Bueno, Sales Manager for Mexico at Creaform.

“In terms of manufacturing, Mexico is rapidly growing, so it is vital to recognize where we are and know we need to achieve even more robust and reliable manufacturing processes. One of the biggest challenges in our country is that there is still a huge technology gap, and, in order to compete with developed countries, a major technological conversion is required. It is encouraging that foreign firms continue to invest in Mexico. An event like FITMA, which brings technology to our fingertips, allows us to greatly improve our capabilities. Meeting face to face will contribute to a better understanding of market needs, such as scaling production volume and having more qualified technicians to compete,” commented Eduardo Medrano, Executive President of the Mexican Association of Mold and Die Manufacturing (AMMMT).

“We must bear in mind that the last 17 months have brought about a paradigm shift: technologies that would have been embraced in the long term were adopted in a matter of weeks. Many employees switched to home office mode and the technology investment strategy changed. Many companies made technology acquisitions to ensure business continuity,” added Francisco Bolaños, Director of IoT at Cisco Mexico. “Sales were down, yet companies looked for new cloud and collaborative technology solutions, among others. The industry showed a resilient approach, which has translated into manufacturing plants with greater technological innovation. Another challenge is cybersecurity, which has increased by more than 600% in Latin America. Today, businesses must expand their security efforts beyond their premises, so an event that combines technology and manufacturing topics will be highly useful, as companies seek more savings, fewer risks, less production downtime, faster time to market and greater sustainability.”

“FITMA is an event that elevates Mexico as a country that is positioned as number one in Latin American in terms of automotive and aerospace production. Mexico is a pioneer in high-quality cars, on par with the United States and Canada. FITMA is the gateway and stage that will allow us to show and prove to the world just how relevant Mexico is at an international level in the manufacturing industry,” concluded Eduardo Tovar, Editorial Director at Gardner Business Media.