Guardian AM Medical: The First Powder Coating to Receive the CATAS QUALITY AWARD Certification

Date: 25/03/2021

The Guardian AM Medical Series 3010H, a white polyester powder coating with a gloss finish and antimicrobial properties, developed by Stardust Powder Coatings, has received the prestigious CATAS QUALITY AWARD certification for application on health facilities furniture (CQA HFFC 01).

Guardian AM Medical Series 3010H obtained the prestigious CATAS QUALITY AWARD certification for application on furniture intended for health facilities (UNI 11780:2020 standard).

The certification is the result of a lengthy testing process that returned positive results for Guardian AM Medical Series 3010H, a white polyester powder coating currently available in white RAL 9010 with a gloss finish. Further tests to obtain the CATAS QUALITY AWARD certification for Guardian AM Medical polyester powder coating with a matte finish are currently underway.

To obtain the certification, Stardust has undertaken a testing process that entailed – and will continue to entail every year – specific controls by CATAS technicians on random product samples, as well as regular internal tests, which results are regularly sent to CATAS, a certification body with a laboratory that has been dealing since 1993 with tests, analyses, physical and mechanical tests on raw materials, components and product used in various industrial sectors.

Compared to the laboratory test carried out only on one sample selected by the customer, the product certification extends its valence to an entire production and, consequently, to the production process from which it derives.

"The CATAS QUALITY AWARD brand represents another important milestone for Stardust, not only because this is the first time a powder coating product obtains the CATAS certification but also because it testifies to Stardust's commitment to the development of high value products, certifying their compliance over time with specific technical requirements, subject to constant verification”, states Guido Pozzoli, CEO of Stardust Powder Coatings.

Launched in October 2020 by Stardust, the Guardian AM Medical range of antimicrobial powder coatings, in addition to integrating BioCote® technology, has specific features for the healthcare sector: resistance to light (EN 15187), penetration of cold liquids (cleaning/disinfection products – EN 12720), wet heat and dry heat (EN 12721, EN 12722), as well as mechanical resistance (EN ISO 2409, EN ISO 1520) and absence of migrations of dangerous chemical elements such as antimony, arsenic, mercury, chromium etc (EN 71-3).

“The Medical product is part of the Guardian AM range, which is the result of an intense development process that has led to the creation of coatings with antimicrobial properties, formulated with BioCote® additives. Now, with Guardian AM Medical and the CATAS QUALITY AWARD certification, we have given the product even more specific features for application in critical contexts such as health facilities", explains Pozzoli.