Heubach Presented the Top Performing Range of Sustainable Pigments Ultrazur

Date: 24/01/2023
The Ultrazur pigment from the Ultramarine Blue range of Heubach

Ultrazur™ represents the latest Ultramarine Blue pigments of Heubach, offering highly consistent quality and environmental performances.

The international manufacturer of inorganic and organic pigments Heubach Group has launched Ultrazur™, a new range of Ultramarine Blue pigments in four shades – from greenish to reddish – for a variety of standard and demanding industrial applications. Ultrazur is manufactured in the Indian site of Dahej, in a brand-new production facility with state-of-the-art technology and highly automated processes.

The new product range has been tested extensively against market benchmarks: it is highly resistant to heat (up to 350° C) as well as light (lightfastness of 8 in HDPE), besides exhibiting strong weatherability. It is also non-warping and non-shrinking. In addition, the new technology used in the final production step of Ultrazur provides excellent dispersibility, so it is particularly suitable for fibres and thin film applications.

Furthermore, Ultrazur is a safe product in both processing and final use: it is non-toxic, it does not migrate and – above all – it complies with industry norms for use in sensitive applications. As a matter of fact, the new range of pigments developed by Heubach ensures consistent quality and excellent environmental performances.

“Ultrazur is the ‘greenest’ Ultramarine Blue in the market. Our modern manufacturing site in Dahej boasts of best-in-class wastewater and air emissions treatment technology. Further reduction on CO2 emissions in manufacturing will come throughout 2023 based on our investments in solar energy,” has declared Ravichandran Palanivelu, the head of the business development of Ultramarine Blue at Heubach Group.