Out Now Issue n. 20 of ICT_Industrial Cleaning Technologies

Date: 21/09/2021
Categories: ipcm

Supplement of ipcm® - International Paint&Coating Magazine n. 71.

This issue of ICT - Industrial Cleaning Technologies is ushering in a new season of trade fairs and congresses, which are fundamental to the dynamism of the industry – and finally back in-person, albeit with due caution. It starts on 4 October with EMO Milano and parts2clean in Stuttgart. It continues with DeburringExpo in Karlsruhe and then with MecSpe at the end of November, just to mention the major events for the industrial cleaning, deburring, polishing, and vibratory finishing sectors.

This is also one of the reasons why you are browsing through one of the thickest issues of ICT ever published: the next few pages are full of news, success stories and reports, technical articles, but above all enthusiasm. From hybrid machines that perform both water and solvent-based cleaning cycles to multi-solvent machines that allow the use of solvents of different chemical nature in one system solution.

This issue also covers interesting topics such as the use of high-productivity modified alcohol machines for cleaning metals and plastics together or of a water-based cleaning tunnel for the green, Industry 4.0-oriented treatment of precision mechanical components. Finally, it includes an in-depth look at some techniques for measuring bath quality and at the cleaning requirements in the medical sector, but also a focus on deburring, shotblasting, and mechanical finishing covering trends, new abrasives, and automation solutions.

I hope you enjoy your reading, before we meet at one of the next exhibitions!