Inaugurated the Peljesac Bridge in Croatia, Protected with Cortec’s MCI® Technology

Date: 03/08/2022
Categories: Success stories
The Peljesac Bridge at night

Cortec provided corrosion protection with its silane concrete sealer with migrating inhibitor properties MCI® 2018.

On 26th July 2022, the Peljesac Bridge has officially been inaugurated. The largest ever EU infrastructure investment in Croatia provides a road link between two parts of the country and has been protected with MCI® 2018, a silane-based concrete sealer with a migrating inhibitor property specifically developed by Cortec to protect against corrosion.

The Peljesac Bridge has 13 spans, five of which are 285 meters long, six centrally placed reinforced concrete pylons with a height of 33 meters and two lanes together with a stop lane that will serve for the maintenance. Cortec’s MCI® 2018 was specified for the project during the design phase as a silane-based impregnation with a migrating inhibitor property to protect against the harmful effects of corrosion, extending its service life.

ln order to meet the main criteria of the the project, such as stability, durability, economy and integration into the environment, the designers and builders also employed a combination of anti-corrosion coatings, cathodic protection of steel reinforcement in piles and pile heads and a concrete cover of 65–85 mm stainless steel reinforcement.

The bridge connects the region of Southern Dalmatia with the rest of the country's mainland, so it allows to cut travel time by almost forty minutes along the Adriatic coastline, improving people’s lives and increasing economic opportunities for the region.