Out Now Issue n. 69 of ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine

Date: 04/06/2021
Categories: ipcm

Special issue on Automotive. This issue also features the insert ICT – Industrial Cleaning Technologies.

This ipcm® issue is traditionally devoted to an in-depth look at the automotive coating industry. From its articles, it emerges that strong recovery is indeed on the horizon, as are many new market opportunities to be seized.

In fact, you have a rich issue in your hands. We are proud to say that it even includes an extensive reportage on the paintwork of the latest dream car for all enthusiasts, the Maserati MC20, a supercar with an elegant soul. It is the first Maserati to be 100% made in Modena, thanks to a 100% Italian investment.

It is always the automotive sector that offers the most attractive ideas on innovation, which are then acquired, absorbed, assimilated, and transformed by other industries. Sometimes, however, the opposite can also happen. This is the case with the PVD sputtering metallisation technology, which, after having conquered many sectors, from design to decorative components for car interiors, has now also been approved for the finishing of car exterior parts, where quality and resistance requirements are much more stringent.

Another surprising sector is that of steel wheels – which have always been considered the “unlucky brother” of alloy wheels – where coating systems and application techniques have been extensively renewed and transformed to meet an emerging market demand: that of steel wheels with attractive design and finishes as an excellent alternative to more expensive alloy wheels.

Another significant aspect that emerges from this issue of ipcm® is the importance of assessing investments correctly and understanding when it is better to modify, upgrade, or renew a plant rather than replace it completely.

Finally, this issue ipcm® also welcomes numerous new companies that have decided to highlight their potential and innovations on its pages. This is yet another symptom of the courage to invest in the post-Covid recovery that the European industry is showing from many quarters.

This issue also features ICT – Industrial Cleaning Technologies, the last magazine to speak exclusively, organically, and purposefully about workpiece cleaning and washing applications. In this issue, we deal with some very interesting topics, particularly related to the automotive world.

A cleaning process with robotic loading and unloading phases that replaces sandblasting in the cleaning of welding joints for electric vehicle subframes; a rotary-table cleaning machine integrated in an automatic car components production line; the brand-new electronic grade coating (tropicalisation) process developed for car electronic devices and applied by a system traditionally devoted to cleaning.

These are just some of the insights that will give you an idea of what industrial cleaning has really become.

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