Stardust Launches GUARDIAN AM: The Range of Antimicrobial Powder Coatings with Integrated Biocote Technology

Date: 08/10/2020

To effectively reduce bacterial proliferation and improve the permanent hygiene of the surfaces with which we come into continuous contact, Stardust has developed Guardian AM. The antimicrobial solution is also available as Guardian AM Architectural and Guardian AM Medical, dedicated respectively to the architectural and hospital field.

Keeping the surfaces around us hygienic for as long as possible, especially in very crowded places such as public transportation, schools, hospitals, shops and public spaces in general, is a very current need. Microorganisms (including bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds) can colonize a surface and survive on it for many months, presenting a significant possibility of cross-contamination. This is why one of the most effective hygiene measures is to protect surfaces with antimicrobial coatings that can stop the proliferation of bacteria and moulds.

Stardust Powder Coatings worked with BioCote® to develop a high added value coating product: Guardian AM powder coatings range, which help reduce microbial colonisation on metal surfaces.

As with all Stardust coatings, Guardian AM is available in small, made-to-order batches starting from 25 kg, making it possible for customers to decide all the features of the coating product, which is therefore tailor-made according to customers' needs.

How Guardian AM works

Guardian AM powder coating, formulated with additivi Biocote® additives, releases silver ions in a controlled manner through an ion exchange mechanism contained within the coating. By exploiting the performance of silver ions, Guardian AM reduces the presence of microorganisms on a surface and inhibits their proliferation, helping to create a safer environment and more protected surfaces. In fact, the active principle of the BioCote® additive contained in Guardian AM coating is classified as non-toxic to humans by the relevant authorities.

BioCote® technology is long-lasting and effective against all common bacteria, fungi and moulds and it has been tested against ISO 22196:2011 and ASTM G21, all whilst not affecting the functionality or aesthetics of the products it is applied to.

The protection provided by BioCote® additives is permanent and guarantees continuous action against microbial colonisation throughout the lifecycle of the product to which it is applied: the antimicrobial load remains stable even if there are scratches on the coated surface. In addition, Guardian AM is compatible with existing cleaning and sanitation products.

Thanks to the BioCote® additives integrated into Guardian AM coatings, it is possible to reduce the bacterial load on a product protected with the coating by up to 86% within 15 minutes, and up to 99.5% in just 2 hours.

Guardian AM Architectural: the antimicrobial solution for the architectural sector

Guardian AM allows for antimicrobial protection on the parts of buildings with which we constantly come into contact, such as windows, doors, and all related fixtures. This range of antimicrobial coatings represents also the ideal solution for the aluminum profiles, curtain walls and metal architecture in general ensuring a winning combination of antimicrobial effectiveness, outdoor durability and attractive finishes.

Biocote® technology can be integrated into all product families offered by Stardust, such as epoxies, epoxy-polyesters, polyesters and polyurethanes. The antimicrobial tests conducted on Guardian AM metallic coatings also returned positive results.

These coatings are available in all finishes - from super matte to gloss - and in all colours, including metallic ones, and can be chosen by sample or simply by the major international colorimetric systems, such as RAL, NCS, PANTONE®, etc. Finally, Guardian AM has also achieved positive results when integrated with Qualicoat-approved polyester coatings.

Guardian AM Medical: the antimicrobial powder coating for the hospital field

Stardust has developed Guardian AM Medical which, in addition to integrating BioCote® technology, has specific features for the hospital sector, such as resistance to scratching, light, penetration by cold liquids (cleaning/disinfection products), wet heat and dry heat.